Why is there no network on the iPhone?

Quite often, owners of iPhones, after changing iOS, repairing a phone, or a long period of inactivity,

There are problems with the disappearance of the network on the device. Why doesn’t the iPhone catch the network? We will talk about this later.


Incorrect date and time settings

Airplane Mode

What to do if there is no network after unlocking?

What should I do if the problem appears after using SAMPrefs or Redsn0w?

Other reasons

Incorrect date and time settings

Most often, the cause of the malfunction is an incorrectly set time, as well as the time zone. Therefore, in the case when the iPhone does not catch the network, you should first look for a discrepancy in the set date and time. If the phone really shows the wrong date, for the appearance of the network it will be enough to carry out such simple actions:

  1. You need to connect your smartphone to an active Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter the phone’s settings, open the “General” section and go to the item “Date and time”.
  3. Set the line “Automatically” to the activity position (if there is a default state, you just need to turn it off and then on again).
  4. Reboot iPhone.

Airplane Mode

In fact, there are a large number of reasons why an apple phone can search for a network but not see it. The most common will be discussed below.
If the error “No network” appears with the correct date and time settings, you must do the following:

  1. First of all, you need to turn it on, and after a few moments turn off the Airplane mode again.
  2. If this does not help, you can simply restart the smartphone.
  3. It is also recommended to remove the SIM card to make sure that it is branded and original. In addition, you should look for any mechanical damage on it.
  4. After that, you need to place the SIM card inside the device, enable / disable the “Airplane” mode a couple of times, after which the connection should resume.

If these actions have not led to changes,it is necessary to check the settings of the mobile operator, not forgetting the updates. You need to establish a connection to Wi-Fi, then go to the basic settings of the mobile device, open the line "About this device". Provided that if the smartphone needs updates, the OS will automatically issue a request for their installation. If the phone does not have Wi-Fi, the iPhone must be connected to iTunes, after which the device should be updated to the newest version of iOS.

What to do if there is no network after unlocking?

In most cases with the issue in questioniPhone owners meet after unlocking using a program called Ultrasn0w or a firmware update. Also, a similar problem can occur due to recovery, updating, activation or deactivation of the smartphone using Redsn0w, SAM tool, or after jailbreak.

You can try to fix the "No network" problem.on the iPhone after factory unlocking using your own IMEI number. In general, such a problem is practically not dangerous when compared with notifications about a problem or unsupported SIM card.
Provided that a notification about the absence of a network appears, it is safe to say that the phone accepts a SIM card, only it does not see either an ordinary network or an Euro network.

The easiest and fastest way, which is veryoften helps to fix the problem - this is resetting the network settings. The subscriber should place an unsupported SIM card, go to “Settings”, then open the “General” section, go to the “Reset” section and select “Reset network settings”.
You can also try backing up and deleting all the data, but such actions can have a bad effect on the functioning of the device.

What should I do if the problem appears after using SAMPrefs or Redsn0w?

The considered way to eliminate the problem provides a positive result in 90% of cases:

  • You need to place the SIM card not AT / Inside iPhone and then connect the smartphone to iTunes using a USB cable.
  • After determining the phone program, you need to back up, and then click "Restore".
  • First, it’s better to try to restore the phone without using the Shift / Option buttons. You can also restore the gadget in DFU mode.
  • You need to wait for the recovery process to complete, after which 2 iTunes functions will open.
  • Restore from back up.
  • “Operate iPhone like new” - it is recommended to select this item.
  • Next comes the offer of activation. In this case, you need to use a non-AT / T SIM card and wait for the required signal.

When all else fails, you need to continue to search for solutions and repeat all the steps from the first to the fourth.

Other reasons

Often customers trying to crop a SIM cardfor the new iPhone, they become hostages of the error, due to which the smartphone is not able to determine the card. To solve this error, you need to order a SIM card from a personal provider.

It happens that the connected provider does notprovides services in that area - as a result, the "apple" smartphone knocks out the error "no network" when searching for it. It also happens that the card is simply not activated. In this case, you need to contact your provider for help.

Often the “No Network” problem arises fromantenna malfunctions. Under this condition, you should seek the advice of professionals and preferably the Apple store, where experts will help you set up an ordinary network, as well as the Euroset.