Why Nokia 7.2 is the perfect New Year gift

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On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, everyone is concerned about the question - what to choose

as a gift for family and friends? An ideal gift should have two important qualities: not to inflict a crushing blow on the budget, which can overshadow the holiday period, and meet all the modern needs of the future user. Smartphones have been on the top of the most desirable gift lists for years now, so anyone who is looking for the ideal these days should pay attention to the Nokia 7.2 model and that's why.

Modern inspirational design

The designers of this smartphone were inspired by the naturalthe brevity of the Scandinavian fjords (rocky sea bays) and the cold beauty of the polar sky of Finland. Its color options reflect the harsh nature of this region. Green recalls a unique natural phenomenon - the polar lights. The silver personifies endless snow fields. Graphite - expressive inaccessibility of rocks. In the manufacture of Nokia 7.2, a metal frame is used, a high-tech polymer composite, which is twice as strong as polycarbonate and twice as light as aluminum. The screen and the casing of the smartphone are protected by 2.5D curved glass (such a screen design in which the thickness of the outer layer of the glass gradually decreases as it approaches its edges) Corning® Gorilla®. The painting finishes with a matte metal spraying that makes the device body reflective - it refracts reflected light in the best traditions of Finnish glass manufacturers. All this creates an incredible feeling of strength and reliability, giving the smartphone an elegant appearance and a pleasant tactile sensation when you take it in your hand.

Triple camera with ZEISS optics and a 48-megapixel module

The camera in the smartphone is the first thing that interestsbuyers today. It is important because everyone uses it in a variety of situations: for recognizing text and reading QR codes that amaze the imagination of pictures and, of course, effective selfies for publication on social networks. This camera has three modules: the main, 48-megapixel for the highest image detail and impeccable clear shots. Wide-angle, 8-megapixel, with a viewing angle of 118 degrees, exceeding the capabilities of human vision and allowing you to move away the subject. Professional photographers use wide-angle lenses in three cases: to accommodate more people in the frame, to capture the object completely in urban areas, when it is physically impossible to move away. And to create artistic effects based on optical distortion at the edges of the frame. The third, 5-megapixel module is used to assess the depth of field and create a beautiful blurry background effect known as bokeh (from the Japanese word ボ ケ boke - “blur”, “fuzzy”). Nokia 7.2 uses ZEISS optics - a brand that is a legend in the world of lenses and lenses, which has earned its name for decades of excellent performance. All this opens up for the smartphone user the incredible and amazing world of modern mobile photography, making it easy to create amazing pictures with the touch of a button.

PureDisplay HDR screen with Always On

Nokia 7 screen2 embodies all the modern display technologies known to mankind. The Pixelworks GPU analyzes light and adapts the image to a 6.3-inch screen with a resolution of FullHD + (1080 × 2280 pixels), automatically changing brightness levels, sharpness and color depth, using Dynamic Range Enhancement (HDR) technology to display a billion colors and shades. All this allows you to achieve maximum comfort when viewing photos and videos, regardless of the level of illumination. In other words, the phone itself adapts to environmental conditions, giving the user the highest quality picture, changing it in the bright sun or, conversely, at night, so that it does not damage the eyesight. The Always On function, available in this smartphone, delights and invariably attracts the attention of others with the ability to display information on the display (time, messages, application notifications), while the device is in sleep mode. An important detail is that it practically does not affect the battery life of the smartphone itself.

High performance and energy efficiency

The heart of the system is modernQualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 660 energy-efficient processor. Its undoubted advantages include the perfect balance between high performance, which allows you to watch ultra-high-resolution video and play modern, resource-demanding games, and long battery life. Which is controlled self-learning artificial intelligence technologiesgoverning battery adaptability algorithms. In practice, this means that the smartphoneIt independently analyzes frequently used user applications and automatically unloads from memory those that are no longer in use, thus saving valuable battery life. The main value of these self-learning algorithms is that they analyze the actions of a particular user and eventually begin to work even more efficiently, starting to predict the wishes of the owner of the phone. For example, pre-launching applications that it uses daily or at a specific time of the day. All this happens unnoticed by the user, as befits the best service, which unobtrusively protects the user from unexpected surprises with the smartphone’s battery suddenly discharged inappropriately. And it allows you to bring the battery life from one charge to two days.

Pure Android - the way Google developers created it

Nokia 7.2 runs on a clean Android 9 Pie operating system, without using additional software add-ons and shells, offering the best user experience that the best Google programmers are working on. Android in Nokia 7.2 appears to the user in the form that is best suited for an Android smartphone. Having received all the new versions of the operating system (expanding the technological capabilities of the device over time) for 2 years and security updates for 3 years (those who want to know more, I can read separate editorial material gg the benefits of Android One). Thus, Nokia 7.2 is already ready to upgrade to Android 10.

Fast charge and contactless payments

Nokia 7.2 supports fast charging technology, which allows you to quickly bring your smartphone back to life by connecting it to the charger for just a few minutes, before leaving the house, which will allow it to remain operational for several hours. The device supports NFC short-range radio technology used for contactless payments. This makes it possible to attach your bank card to the Google Pay payment system and safely pay with the touch of a smartphone in retail outlets where there are contactless payment terminals (there are already about 75% of such data in Ukraine) or public transport (if you don’t know what it is, the editorial office gg prepared a test that checks your knowledge of smartphone payments).

Affordable price

The list of advantages of Nokia 7.2 is completed by its price, making it an ideal gift for the new year 2020: it is already available for sale at an unusually affordable price from 6 299 hryvnias for the version with 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64-gigabyte internal drive.

In the dry residue

Nokia 7.2 is an ideal gift option, offering all the modern capabilities of smartphones (a triple camera with bokeh effect and an additional wide-angle lens, an energy-efficient processor, a long working time and a bright display with Always On function) at an affordable price of UAH 6,299. For this money, the user receives a smartphone on a clean version of Android latest version, which will receive a guaranteed update of the latest versions of the operating system. What else is needed for the donated phone to serve faithfully, delighting its user for several years, while remaining modern and in demand?