Why not Half-Life 3: Valve talked about the development of Half-Life: Alyx

Geoff Keeley, journalist and producer of The Game Awards, conducted an interview with Half-Life: Alyx developers David Spreier,

Robin Walker and Dario Casali.

What told

Half-Life idea:Alyx was born back in 2016, when Valve decided that there weren't enough major virtual reality games in the industry. First of all, the company released The Lab, which, according to the developers, was that “big game”, but the audience thought differently. Therefore, Valve decided to experiment further, trying to create games in VR using the company’s franchises.

"We settled on Portal and Half-Life asthe most interesting. Portal is a game about throwing the player through portals, so we decided that we would just piss off some of the players. Then we looked at Half-Life and the basis of that product. Plus, most of the game's elements looked better in VR. You see, Half-Life is a game about seamless transition between story, combat, puzzles, exploration and interaction,” said David.

The development itself began with a 15-minute demo using objects from Half-Life. Then the team decided to figure out how to transfer those same sensations and mechanics, but into VR.

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The developers initially wanted to make a classic version of Half-Life: Alyx for keyboard and mouse, but ultimately settled on virtual reality only:

“The more we used the headset andcontrollers, the more we realized that we could not transfer so many interactions with the game to a keyboard and mouse. For example, when you can control your hands separately from your head. This is simply not possible with a keyboard and mouse,” said David.

Answering the question why the team didn’t undertakefor Half-Life 3, the developer responded that the project seemed intimidating because players had high expectations. At the same time, the VR platform helped Valve focus not so much on continuing the series, but on developing mechanics in virtual reality.

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The developers are not yet sure whether they will concentratestudio is focused on VR games, but the team wants to do more projects in the Half-Life universe. In this regard, the team needs to look at the successes of Half-Life: Alyx, and then decide where to move next.

Jeff Kiely, who conducted the interview,announced that Alyx developers will come to The Game Awards, where they will show and tell more about the game. In addition, a full-length video of The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx will be released in 2020, from which we will learn more about the development of the game.

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