Why prices of 12 thousand rubles for games for Nintendo in Russia are partly a lie

A number of Russian media have reported that Nintendo Russia will raise the price of its games to 12.5 thousand rubles.

In addition to retail sales, the message also included digital versions of games. Allegedly, an increase should happen tomorrow, March 15. Discuss

In their materials, the journalists referred to the official World of Nintendo community on VKontakte. The following image could also be found there:

But, as it turned out, publications in the media were not up tofaithful end. As Russian video blogger DenisMajor explained, we can only talk about versions of games on physical media, since the eShop online store remains unavailable in Russia, and the World of Nintendo store sells games only on cartridges:

The Nintendo eShop for the Russian region is now closed. It can only be accessed by changing the region of the account on the nintendo.ru website.

But buying for rubles there still will not work,just as it will not be possible to buy with cards of Russian banks. Therefore, to pay, you need to either look for recharge cards of the region to which you switched your account (and look for a way to pay for these cards).

Or look for someone from the same region and somehow send him money so that he buys the game, for example, on your account (that is, you will have to provide this person with a username and password).

Denis RusakovVideoblogger, YouTube channel DenisMajor

Note that, according to a statement by World of Nintendo, the prices of games for Nintendo consoles will increase by an average of 40%.