Why Russia "revived" the Nudol missile system

Russia again began to test the Soviet development - the Nudol complex. This is serious

Americans are worried. What will give the Russian Federation this weapon and why the Pentagon fears the consequences - figured out "Life".

November 15 during the tests of the missile system"Nudol" was shot down one of the inactive Soviet satellites "Tselina-D". In response, the United States stated that conducting such tests poses a danger to the ISS and other vehicles in orbit. But the important thing is that in fact these tests are far from the first in the world. Before that, two years ago, the Americans themselves tested their weapons. And then they were carried out by China and India.

The goal of Russia now is to contribute to the developmenttechnologies to neutralize the technological breakthrough. This will not allow the United States to get ahead in the future: in five years, the Americans are going to place a weapon in low-earth orbit to destroy ground targets - the X37B.

In addition, some time before the Tselina-D was shot down, Russia officially stated that the tests of the missile complex did not pose any threat to the ISS.

According to military expert Dmitry Litovkin,this all happened due to the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty (treaty on the limitation of anti-missile defense systems). This agreement contained a clause according to which it was forbidden to create mobile missile defense systems. Also, according to Litovkin, Russia now has several similar missile systems: the S-500 and S-550. The first is designed to hit close targets, and the second - long-range. In America, work is underway on such weapons, but they have not yet achieved significant results. According to the expert, it is for this reason that the Pentagon is so scared that Nudol was able to shoot down a satellite.

Source: Life