Why Russia will, if possible, send robots into space instead of people

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced the high labor intensity of the exploration of the moon by human cosmonauts and

expressed the opinion that special mechanisms would be better suited for these purposes. Discuss

Rogozin also estimated the cost of a new spaceUS programs and calculated that each flight of American astronauts to the moon would cost $4.5 billion. And if Russia manages to reduce such spending, it will still be huge amounts “that will have to be taken away from education, healthcare and other areas.”

Concerning sending a man to the moonRoskosomsa also noted why he believes that this is labor-intensive. “It is necessary that he breathe, go to the toilet, feed, he needs to be entertained, so that he does physical exercises, otherwise he will begin to degrade in two weeks,” the official commented.

Source: Radio Sputnik