Why sacrifice a kidney? Honor makes fun of the new iPhone 11 Pro

After Apple's traditional fall presentation, a huge number of memes appeared on social networks, ridiculing

design of new iPhones. Competitors did not stand aside either: the Huawei Honor sub-brand joined the trolling.


The Indian division of Honor publishedon Twitter, a poster with an image of doctors and a lamp, which is very similar to the triple camera of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The inscription in the middle reads: iHad Kidneys (“I Had Kidneys”).

Below the image it says that being able to take professional photos doesn't have to cost a whole kidney.

</ img>

Thus, Honor not only ridiculed the triple camera of smartphones (after all, many competitors already have smartphones with four or even five cameras), but also the cost of new products starts from $999.

Now we are waiting for a move from Samsung, which never misses an opportunity to troll Apple.