Why we do not like powerful leaders, but tend to obey them: psychologists explain

Surely you have met bosses who resorted to intimidation to motivate their subordinates,

insults, profanity, etc. And despite this, people still listen to them and follow them. Why is this happening? Discuss

According to Deborah Grunfeld, professororganizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an expert in the psychology of power, people tend to let others dominate them. But what is the reason for this behavior?

Earlier studies state thatthe tendency to obey people who dominate arises in a person out of fear of what these people can do if he refuses to follow them. Other research shows that people may do this because they mistake a leader's confidence for competence.

A recent article published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology demonstrates that group dynamics also play a role in obeying aggressive bosses.

To test this hypothesis, the scientists conductedfour experiments. These experiments revealed that people generally believe that others respect a powerful person more than themselves, and that people tend to give in and obey if they feel that everyone around them respects a powerful person.

All this suggests that one canit is wrong to understand to what extent the people around him respect this or that leader. Moreover, because of this, a person can obey the leader, even if he himself does not feel respect for him.