Why Xiaomi fans began to switch to smartphones from other manufacturers

YouTube channel expert DimaViper Live listed four points due to which fans of Xiaomi smartphones have become more and more

choose devices from other companies. And these reasons are really good. Discuss

The host of the DimaViper Live channel in the release onYouTube told what is wrong with Xiaomi smartphones and why people today began to abandon these devices in favor of others. In total, there are four such reasons, according to the tech blogger.

  1. Price increase. The company began to gradually raise the costtheir models. For example, Redmi Note 5, 7, 8 Pro cost up to 20 thousand rubles when they first came out. Now the new Redmi Note 11 costs more than 20 thousand, Redmi Note 11s - about 30 thousand, Redmi Note 10 Pro - about 40 thousand.

  2. Problems with software and quality in general. This is especially true for sensors.approximations that many users complain about. Perhaps the fact is that a lot of different Xiaomi devices have been released lately. MIUI firmware also has drawbacks: for example, applications can automatically close or freeze. Also, according to the expert, the latest released devices are often unfinished: the camera may fail, noise may appear, poor night mode, terrible video quality, etc.

  1. Too few updates. Currently, many manufacturers are tryingextend the life of their smartphones and try to send updates as long as possible. Xiaomi, on the other hand, often either delays updates or warns that after some time it will stop supporting a particular model.

  2. A large number of competitors. For example, these are Realme, Huawei, etc. They offer smartphones with approximately the same characteristics as Xiaomi, but cheaper.