Wi-Fi was deprived of the main drawback - now the wireless network can pass through walls

A group of scientists from Australia have done something that could fundamentally change the technology of Wi-Fi. They have learned to tune

this type of connection in such a way that the signal passes unhindered through the walls.

The method developed by them makes it possible to increaseinternet coverage radius. At the same time, it was based on the knowledge of the reflection coefficient of the wall. Once this data is known, the wave can be tuned in such a way that the obstacle ceases to be such.

The specialists noted that the new method is also applicable to all types of waves and to the entire frequency range. Ranging from radio waves to visible light.

Recall that earlier in China they introduced the first router that supports Wi-Fi 7 technology. The novelty operates at a frequency of 6 GHz, and the maximum data transfer rate is 18,433 Mbps.