Wildberries banned from taking money from people for returning goods

“RB”, with reference to Rospotrebnadzor, said that the introduction of penalties for the return of goods by marketplaces

The department called it unreasonable. This statement was made due to the fact that Wildberries introduced just such an innovation earlier. Discuss

Rospotrebnadzor experts in the Sverdlovsk region provided a legal justification for the unjustified introduction of a fee for the return of goods.

According to them, the buyer can be charged for thispayment only if these expenses were justified and documented. In this case, the buyer himself can always challenge the decision in court. However, the department notes that if the goods turned out to be defective, the return costs are borne solely by the seller.

Recall that earlier Russian users complained that the Wildberries online store fined them for returning goods, even if they were defective.