Will Samsung Galaxy A81 get S Pen stylus support?

Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy A80 (pictured) has become one of the most unusual smartphones in the line and stood out from other

"Brothers." And its successor Galaxy A81 will be the same.

What's wrong?

The fact is that the media discovered a new Samsung device, which runs under the number SM-AN815F. And it is precisely this number that causes a lot of questions.

The fact is that usually a smartphone number orSamsung’s tablet starts with “SM,” followed by just one letter: for example, the Galaxy S series is SM-Gxxxx, the Note series is SM-Nxxxx, and the Galaxy A series is SM-Axxxx.

There are two letters at once: A and N. This suggests that the smartphone will become something between the lines of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy A. And sources suggest that this is the Galaxy A81. And if this information is confirmed, the novelty can get support for the S Pen stylus, like the representatives of the Galaxy Note.

Unfortunately, so far there is very little information about the smartphone. It is only known that it will have 128 GB of internal memory.

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