Will the iPhone 14 line work in Russia? Apple answers

Back in early 2022, Apple left the Russian market. Against this background and the fact that the company abandoned physical

SIM cards in the US, users began to have questions - will the new iPhone 14 work in Russia?

To answer this question, suddenly, I decided myselfApple. The company published a post on its official website in which it listed a list of smartphone models certified to work with networks of operators in various countries. Including in Russia.

Judging by it, from a fresh line in our countryonly four models will work: iPhone 14 A2883, iPhone 14 Plus A2887, iPhone 14 Pro A2891 and iPhone 14 Pro Max A2895. This means that other models will turn into a pumpkin in Russia. And there are many explanations for this, including the fact that mmWave 5G is not available to users in the Russian Federation.