Will Ukrainian hackers affect the course of the Russian special operation

Military expert, doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkov said that Ukrainian hackers could be

dangerous for the Russian information infrastructure, but their actions will in no way affect the course of the special operation in Ukraine. Discuss

Sivkov noted that Ukrainian hackers are trainedUnited States, they can commit real sabotage on Russian sites. And this is a difficult situation for Russia, because the United States controls the global Internet space, and our country cannot, due to objective reasons, disconnect from the global network.

According to the expert, Ukrainian hackers are dangerous because they can inflict real damage in the form of "local failures in the operation of power grids and transport."

Nevertheless, this is not fatal, we have ways to counteract such cyber attacks, and besides, this will not affect the course of hostilities.

Konstantin SivkovDoctor of Military Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences