Windows 11 introduces a feature that helps you focus on work

The new tool is called Focus Sessions. It combines To Do and Spotify apps into one focused on

efficiency package, which is available through the "Alarms and Clocks" application. Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay posted on Twitter a video presentation of the new feature.

Using the Focus Sessions function, the userselects one of the To Do tasks, decides how long it takes to complete it, and fixes it. Then he launches a "working" playlist in Spotify and starts a countdown timer. The authors of the development note that this approach will contribute to the concentration on the task. With Focus Sessions, the user will be able to control the remaining time for the task and the upcoming breaks.

The feature will be available in the new Windows 11. For now, it is only available to members of the Microsoft Insider Program on the Dev and Beta channels. The release of the stable version of the OS will take place in the fall of 2021.

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