Windows Defender slows down Intel processors, but the problem can be fixed

Programmer Kevin Glynn discovered that Windows Defender Antivirus slows down the performance of Intel processors.

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Kevin Glynn is the creator of the RealTemp utilities andThrottle stop. He developed the Counter Control utility, which solves the problem of degrading the performance of Intel chips without affecting the performance of the antivirus. This tool may help until Microsoft comes up with an official fix for the problem.

Glynn notes that while Windows is runningThe Defender application can consume up to seven hardware performance counters, resulting in performance degradation during periods of activity. The problem is solved by disabling the antivirus, but then the risk of infecting the operating system increases.

This is where a new programmer utility comes to the rescue.After launching Counter Control, the user needs to click on Reset Counters if the Defender parameter is indicated in the Current Status column. This will reset the performance counters and return resource consumption to normal.

Source: Hot Hardware

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