Winter is coming: Xiaomi has released a smart heater for $ 70

Xiaomi has released a new electric heater for the home. The model was first introduced in

crowdfunding last November.

What is known

Smartmi Electric Heater 1s has a power of 2200 Wand can quickly heat the room. The temperature is adjustable from 16 ° C to 28 ° C, and the built-in sensor will maintain a constant temperature. Also, the device does not dry the air much, unlike other heaters.

The gadget is equipped with a WiFi module and users canmanage it through the MIJIA app or the smart assistant XiaoAI. The application is used to adjust the heating temperature and set various functions, such as a child lock.

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The battery has an LED touch screen,which also allows you to adjust the temperature, time, brightness, and other parameters. The heater has a degree of protection IPX4, that is, it is protected from splashes.

Smartmi Electric Heater 1s has already gone on sale for $ 70.

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