Wireless AirPods: Overview and Specifications

Last month, Apple introduced the new iPhone 7 without the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Of course, the company

I couldn't leave this event withoutaccompanying solution in the form of wireless headphones AirPods. Let's take a look at this new Apple gadget and try to understand whether it is worth spending such a large amount on its purchase.

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New AirPods: Review, Stuffing

Before talking about the external data of the AirPods,should pay attention to what is hidden under the snow-white case. And there is hiding an Apple W1 processor developed specifically for this gadget. According to the announcement, thanks to the chip, the performance of the gadget is far superior to the competitors: no failures and the high quality of the sound provided.

Apple Airpods Wireless Headphoneshave a W1 processor, which was able to increaseThe wireless headset can operate for up to 5 hours straight without recharging. The headphones are sold together with a case in which the charger is integrated. Thus, even if the AirPods are dead, charging them is not a problem. According to Apple, 15 minutes in the case and another three hours of AirPods operation are provided, and in total these manipulations can allow a day of cool music in your ears.

Apple Airpods Specs

Any Apple device has uniquecapabilities that distinguish the product from market competitors. In the case of AirPods, there are several of them, but we will start with the main thing - the headphones themselves understand when it's time to turn off. The user just needs to pull the accessory out of their ears, and at that moment the music will stop playing.


  • Weight of AirPods wireless headphones — 4 g/pcs, charging case weighs 38 grams;
  • Processor W1
  • Each earbud measures 16.5 x 18.0 x — 40.5 mm, zard case size 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm;
  • Works via Bluetooth wireless;
  • The charging case has a Lightning connector;
  • Sensors: dual directional microphones, dual optical sensors, accelerometer, voice accelerometer;
  • Working hours.AirPods wireless headphones with a charging case offer more than 24 hours of continuous playback and up to 11 hours of talk time. Without a charging case, the headphones last up to 5 hours in playback mode and up to 2 hours in talk mode. By charging the headphones in the case for 15 minutes, you get 3 hours of playback and about an hour of talk time.

In addition, the device automatically connects tocustom device, whether it is an iPhone or iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch. Just configure the gadget, and then it will do all the work for you. After setting up, the process looks like this: took the headphones out of the case - they immediately connected to the device, inserted them into their ears - the music immediately began to play. Well, cool!

By the way, despite the lack of wires and the usual switch on them, the microphone in the headphones remained - now it is built into the AirPods case.

AirPods compatibility

  • smartphones: above iPhone 5;
  • tablets: above iPad Air and iPad mini 2;
  • all Apple Watch;
  • iPod touch 6th generation;
  • on iOS 8 and up;
  • with Mac computers (regardless of OS version);
  • support for Android devices;
  • support for Windows Phone devices;
  • with Bluetooth devices that support wireless headset connection.

Design and packaging of AirPods wireless headphones

Whatever good a product is, present it.in a beautiful shell - an absolute need for good and full sales. And Apple has always understood this and continues to understand. The perfect shape of white in mixed with metallic - this is just incredible!

Only one AirPods color scheme is available for purchase. The package includes the headphones themselves, a charging case and a Lightning wire for recharging the case.

Buy Airpods Wireless Headphonespossible today.The price tag of all this goodness is not small, you shouldn’t lie. Almost 13 thousand rubles for headphones - only true fans of the Apple industry or avid music lovers can afford this. But be that as it may, the product turned out to be of very high quality and, something that has not happened from Apple for a long time, truly revolutionary.

Update 12/13/2016:AirPods sales started in Russia (where to buy, price). The first reviews of Apple AirPods have appeared on the Internet.

Product page on the official Apple website.