With the help of Apple Card you can not buy a cryptocurrency or a lottery ticket

Apple confirmed rumors about the release of the Apple Card credit card in August 2019 and told more about it


More and more differences

The service will be launched jointlyApple company, MasterСard payment system and Goldman Sachs bank. Representatives of the latter recently published the Apple Card user agreement. It states that the card cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrency, lottery tickets or casino chips. Restrictions also affect betting on sweepstakes. Other features worth noting are the following:

  • The official Apple Cash and Wallet application will be released not only for iPhone, but also for iPad.
  • The service cannot be used on a jailbroken device. If a jailbreak is detected, Apple may block the account.
  • All financial transactions will be made in US dollars or through Mastercard International conversion.

Let us remind you that the Apple Card has other differences from conventional bank credit cards. In August, the service will be launched for US residents, with plans to later expand to the European Union and Hong Kong.