With the release of MIUI 12, all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will get a dark interface theme

In October, we wrote that Xiaomi had started developing the MIUI 12 shell, and now some

details about her.

What is known

One of the company’s engineers spoke on social mediaWeibo network that with the release of the new shell, all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will receive a system dark theme. Currently, this feature is available only on some of the manufacturer’s devices. These are mostly smartphones with AMOLED displays, but there are some with IPS.

The source did not provide any more information about MIUI 12. If rumors are to be believed, it should be announced in the spring or summer of 2020.

Recall, the manufacturer has already upgraded most of its devices to MIUI 11, and the other day the global stable version of the shell received Redmi Note 5.

Do you know that

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