Women were warriors too: scientists made unexpected conclusions about gender roles in antiquity

The authors determined the sex and age of some of the dead from cremation remains. This allowed them to conclude

that flint arrowheads and stone axes, which are traditionally attributed to men, are also often found in female graves.

The traditional idea that grave goods, like personal items, reflect everyday life and, most importantly, the gender of the deceased, does not always work.

Almost all grave goods did not dependon the sex and age of the deceased. These things, apparently, belonged to the relatives of the deceased and were deliberately placed in the grave. This gives a good idea of ​​what different people are doing.

The graves of old people, especially women, were richlyremoved. Apparently, they had a certain status associated with age. Also, there probably was a certain burial tradition associated with special accessories. In particular, these things were needed for hunting, cooking, woodworking and body decoration. For example, many of the dead were sprinkled with red ocher.

As a result, the authors concluded that the objects that were in the grave could not be attributed to a specific gender.

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