“Working on the plot”: Dmitry Glukhovsky announced the continuation of Metro Exodus

In THQ Nordic's financial report, they let slip that 4A Games is preparing a new AAA game. It later turned out that the unknown

the project is a continuation of Metro (who would have thought). And while “Nords” are silent, the author of the universe, Dmitry Glukhovsky, confirmed the development.

What is known

On his Instagram page, Dmitry pleasedsubscribers with confirmation of the development of a new game based on the Metro universe. The author decided not to tease fans with teasers, writing that: “There will be a new game based on Metro.” It is unknown at what stage of development the project is, but gamers learned about the conclusion of a contract between THQ Nordic and 4A Games at the end of May, and now Dmitry is working on the plot of the game.

The author accompanied the original announcement with a posterMetro Exodus says TBC, which means "to be confirmed" and refers to the release date. So THQ Nordic may come to gamescom 2019 with an announcement of the sequel to Metro or show the game behind closed doors. The publisher confirmed that it will bring four projects to the exhibition, but only two will be shown to the public.