World of Tanks is on fire: Wargaming has launched the Moon Hunt for the 122 TM premium tank

Wargaming decided to celebrate the Eastern New Year, and launched the "Moon Hunt", in which players will

hunt a powerful tank.

What is known

Moon Hunt players' goal is mediumTier VIII 122 TM premium tank. Wargaming in absentia nicknamed the car "bull" for its power and armor. The armor penetration of the base APCR shell for the 122 TM is 233 mm. Average damage is 400 units.

At the same time, the tank is designed for long-distance and unhurriedshootouts. For two reasons. Firstly, in terms of speed, it is closer to heavy tanks, and the reload time is 17.5 seconds. Secondly, the 122 TM's accuracy rate is 0.33, so the bull commander will have an advantage over long distances.

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To get 122 TM, you have to go to"Moon Hunt", which consists of two chapters, but you will be able to open the car already at the first one. With the start of the hunt, players will open ten stages with tasks for diligence or skill. After completing each test, the "tanker" receives a 10% discount on the purchase of 122 TM in the store. If you close all tasks, then the tank can be obtained for free. In addition, along with the car, they also give the 2D-style "Moon Bull" (can be applied to any tank).

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Having acquired the tank 122 TM, the player will have access toassignments the second main, within which you can knock out the already 3D-style for the "bull". In addition, it will be possible to obtain personal reserves and universal study guides.

Trial runs from February 12 to February 22. Players are given ten days to close ten stages.

World of Tanks Blitz will not stand aside either.From February 10 to February 19, the game will host the Lunar Source event, which consists of 9 stages. For daily victories, tankers will receive boosters for gold, days of premium account, certificates for camouflage, credits, as well as collectibles for the Lunar New Year. In addition, players will be able to get a camouflage that has never been seen in World of Tanks Blitz - "Unpredictable".

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