World of Warcraft will now block messages with offensive words

World of Warcraft has a new filter that blocks messages with offensive words. The word so far only

one thing, but censorship has become stricter.

What is known

For years, WoW has exposed many wordscensored, but messages were sent to the chat. Now, when sending text with words from the "black list", the user will receive a notification that his message has not been delivered. True, so far there is only one such word, it refers to racial insult, but, most likely, in the future the list of prohibited statements will be expanded.

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Now this only works in the World of chatWarcraft and insults will not be blocked on Messenger and other Blizzard games. Some believe that this is due to the ability to convert text to voice chat, since many would not like to hear unpleasant words in their address. Although there are users who are unhappy with this update.

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