World's first 3,000 horsepower ultracar made of unique flexible steel

Greek automaker Spyros Panopolous Automotive (SP Automotive) said it has created the world's first "ultracar" -

an internal combustion vehicle with a capacity of 3,000 horsepower, according to a report from DesignBoom.

After the Geneva Motor Show third yearcanceled in a row due to "industry-wide concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic," SP Automotive has decided to unveil a new vehicle called Chaos online on the site. The company teased users by showing off several images on social media; the countdown clock on the official website shows the date of the official presentation.

In the promotional video (above), SP Automotivementioned one of the Chaos building materials. This new material, an amorphous metal called SAM2x5-630, is made using metal glass matrix composites (MGMC) to replace a number of atoms in the crystal structure of standard steel.

In fact, this mixture of materials “creates a newa version of steel that has incredible impact resistance and is able to bounce back into shape rather than bend or break like normal high-pressure steel. ” The Greek automaker also says Chaos will unveil 3D printed hollow titanium wheels that are said to be "the lightest metal wheels on the market."

The base Chaos 2,000 horsepower model will be available for about $ 6.3 million, while the 3,000 horsepower model will be available for $ 14.3 million.

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