World's first electrically zoomable metamaterial lens

Metal lenses are flat arrays of nanoantennas or resonators less than a micron thick: they act

as focusing devices.

New development from Samsung and researchers fromCornell University, involved the fusion of a metal element, liquid crystal technology was also used to adapt the local phase response of the metal element. This allowed the researchers to manually change the focus of the metallic elements by altering the voltage applied to the device.

This combination worked as we hoped andpredicted. Our idea led to the creation of an ultra-thin, electrically reconfigurable lens, and the overall focal length shifted by 20%.

Research text

Samsung researchers hope to developtechnology for use in augmented reality glasses. The authors also see in the future many opportunities for using the development: replacing optical lenses on satellites, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, night vision goggles, endoscopes and other applications where space and weight need to be saved.

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