World's thinnest 1TB flash module built

Kioxia has announced the start of trial shipments of a new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.1 standard,

intended for use inhigh-performance mobile devices. It is noted that it supports 5G communications. The declared speed of sequential reading of information reaches 2050 MB / s, the speed of sequential writing is 1200 MB / s.

The new flash module has BiCS FLASH 3D memory andcontroller. It fixes errors, maintains the memory wear leveling algorithm, performs logical-to-physical address conversions, and manages bad blocks. This greatly simplifies the practical implementation of such memory in real products.

The capacity is 1 TB. At the same time, according to Kioxia, the new solution is the world's thinnest UFS 3.1 module of this capacity: the thickness is only 1.1 mm.

The cost of the product is not reported. Apparently, the first commercial devices equipped with this module will appear in the second or third quarter of this year.

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