Worldwide 5G Abolition Committee announced in France

In France, the grouping "Committee for the Abolition of 5G Worldwide" (CLA5GSM) has declared itself. She took over

responsible for setting fire to cell towers in a suburb of the French city of Limoges.

Writes about this IA "Krasnaya Vesna" with reference toFrench edition of Le Figaro. On Monday, January 11, unidentified persons set fire to Orange's telecommunications equipment and transmitters, leaving more than a million people in France without television. It is worth noting that 5G equipment was not installed on the damaged towers.

After that, the arsonists wrote a letter towhich said they will continue to wage war against 5G networks "for a very long time, perhaps always." The criminals said about themselves that they are already in old age. The arsonists noted: "The iPhone will never make humanity happy."