Worse Samsung Galaxy S10 +, Note 9 and Pixel 3: Selfie Camera Huawei P30 Pro Pumped Up

DxOMark specialists, who have recently been evaluating smartphone selfie cameras, have reached a new

flagship Huawei P30 Pro. And if its main camera immediately became the leader of the rating, then the front camera turned out to be not so impressive.


Representatives of DxOMark listed the advantages of the cameragood exposure, low noise when shooting with flash, wide dynamic range and accurate color reproduction. Weaknesses include low detail when shooting indoors and in low light, unnatural rendering of faces and limited depth of field.

As a result, the Huawei P30 Pro selfie camera received89 points: 90 for photos and 89 for videos. And this is fourth place in the DxOMark rating. The top three are Samsung Galaxy S10+ (96 points), Google Pixel 3 (92 points) and Galaxy Note 9 (92 points).