Worse Xiaomi Mi 9 and iPhone 11: clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip failed DxOMark test

Samsung released its folding “clamshell” Galaxy Z Flip in February, but DxOMark specialists only now

got their hands on this smartphone.

And How?

Recall that the smartphone has a dual camera: 12 megapixels (f / 1.8) with dual autofocus and optical stabilization (OIS) + 12 megapixels wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of 123 degrees (f / 2.2). Therefore, the camera is far from the strongest side of the device.

Specialists note artifacts, slow autofocus, as well as strong brightness and color noise, especially in low light when shooting video, limited dynamic range and problems with sharpness.

But there are pluses: when taking a photo, this is a wide dynamic range, accurate white balance, nice color reproduction, accurate night exposure, nice color and accurate exposure of wide frames. When shooting video - bright and pleasant colors, fast focus and effective stabilization in the open air.


As a result, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip received 105 points: 109 for taking photos and 96 for video.

And this is only 27th place in the DxOMark ranking - after Xiaomi Mi 9, iPhone 11, Huawei P20 Pro and iPhone XS Max.

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