WSJ: Boeing knew about the 737 MAX security issue a year before the first crash — and didn't tell anyone about it

Over the past six months, two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have crashed - in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Experts believe that the reason

these crashes could be an improvement systemcontrollability in critical MCAS modes. Preliminary results from an analysis of the planes' black boxes indicate that the system was triggered just before the crash.

After two accidents, the aircraft company updated the software on the aircraft of all the companies that operate it.

The WSJ's interlocutor states:Boeing engineers discovered a software error back in 2017, but after testing they concluded that it did not pose a threat to the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

Manual Boeing learned about the error only after the disaster of the liner Lion Air, but officially recognized its presence only six weeks after the disaster, the newspaper notes.

Earlier it was reported that Boeing conducted the last 120th test flight to test the updated system of the 737 MAX aircraft.