WT2 Plus headset: 36-language wearable translator

The dream of any traveler - to understand people anywhere in the world, it seems, will soon be able to come true,

and you don’t have to learn all languages ​​for thisor carry dictionaries and phrase books on your trolley. All you need to do is take a compact headset with you. These are not just headphones with a microphone, they are a real voice translator that understands 36 languages, and that’s just for now, while recognition and translation accuracy is 95 percent, which is just great! Whether this is really so, we will now see. The Timekettle company announced its translator at the beginning of the year, and now you can touch it.

What a beast

The device is similar to wireless headphones, butthis is not for one person, but for two interlocutors, one headset for each. When you want to talk, you offer one headset to the other person. We select the language using a mobile application, from Chinese to English, and start just talking. But this is in theory, in fact, the automatic mode, when you do not need to follow the order, does not do very well with its task, since the noise reduction system is poorly developed here, so the device responds to everything and can freeze. Touch mode is more productive - you press the button on the headphone and speak for 15 seconds (if you have something to say), then release the button and wait for a response from you.

The device case is both a charging station andcontrol touch pad (two halves, two pads). The headset requires a smartphone with Bluetooth, as well as an Internet connection. The headset is autonomous for eight hours, in practice, these numbers are confirmed, but they won’t be able to listen to music, the frequency settings are not the same, only for voice and translation.


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We tested a miracle translator with a carrierChinese language and English. At first the interlocutor spoke in English, then the second answered in Chinese. In general, the headset translates from Chinese rather rudely, but the essence of the conversation is not difficult to understand, most of what was said was still translated. With English better, the manufacturer declares support for various accents, in practice the accent was recognized without problems, but slang expressions and words were difficult for the program, or rather, the gadget did not understand them. Moreover, the translator translated obscene words as multiple stars.

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For a deeper test simulateda typical tourist situation, they began to ask how to get there, how to find, where to go and so on. If the translator coped with ordinary words and phrases normally. That’s with the names - no way, the same Arbat simply was not given. But Arbat has already translated as Arbat street. In general, in the Moscow metro with blue, green and other branches it will be difficult. Also, sometimes I had to speak louder, repeat a word or phrase a couple of times, and only then did the gadget understand and translate.

What is the result

In general, a headset translator is a thing thatIt will really be useful in life, it’s not just a toy, it is a necessary tool that just needs to be improved, sharpened, sanded. WT2 Plus easily digests elementary phrases, words and sentences, and for a trip to a country whose inhabitants you don’t know, you can go with such an assistant without fear. True, for the very beginning of the conversation, you will have to work a little with gestures to explain what you need to put on the headset how to press the button and when to speak. On the other hand, Google translator is now showing excellent results, and you can do with one smartphone. In general, choose, as always, each of us independently.

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