WT2 Plus: headset with simultaneous interpreter function

The company Timekettle from the Middle Kingdom first announced itself at last year's CES, introducing an interesting gadget in the form

headphones that can translateforeign speech. Last year, there were 21 supported languages, over the year this number increased to 36. And this, not counting the many accents of various languages ​​(several English, several Spanish, and so on). In addition, in the new generation of WT2, an advanced mode has appeared that translates in free communication, that is, not just words and phrases with anticipation are translated, but the whole conversation is like a conversation. And this functionality costs quite reasonable money.

Wt2 plus

Timekettle designed and released the headset (twoheadphone) for communication with foreigners. In order to use their functionality, you need to insert one earphone into your ear, and give the other to the other person. After that, you can start communication. Headphones are able to transfer the conversation in synchronous mode. In addition, they have a built-in noise reduction system, microphones are specially isolated to cut off background noise, and only perceive the voice of the owner. The level of speech recognition is very high, and with emphasis support, the translation becomes as accurate as possible.

The gadget works in three modes:

  • Touch, in which each interlocutor must touch the button on his headset so that WT2 starts translating what was said.
  • Speaker, in which the user usesonly one earphone, and a smartphone microphone is used for speech recognition. This mode works great when you need to spread a short remark, for example, in a store or in a restaurant.
  • Simul is a new mode for the second generation, in which the interlocutors conduct a normal, natural dialogue. The gadget translates everything synchronously in real time.

Of course, in the headphones themselves there is no powerfulprocessor, as well as serious AI technologies, and it is necessary to pair it with your smartphone before starting communication. On the smartphone itself, all spoken phrases and their translation will be displayed. This is convenient for you and the interlocutor to make sure that the gadget correctly perceives and recognizes speech and translates. If something is translated incorrectly or is recognized incorrectly, then you can quickly fix the error.

The firmware currently supports translation 36languages, but these are only the main languages, plus 84 accents of supported languages ​​are recognized. Moreover, only English is recognized in 14 pronunciation variants, such as Irish, Nigerian and others. The gadget recognizes the accents of Spanish even more - 20 pronunciation options. Central America, Europe, South America - everywhere its emphasis and features.

At last year’s show, headphones had a price tag in$ 219, the upgraded version costs a little more - $ 240, which is quite a bit, for the improvements and innovations that appeared in WT2. And for translators in general with similar functionality - this is generally very cheap.

By the way, now Google Assistant has become quite goodto cope with simultaneous translation, however, additional programs are needed to make it convenient to use. But in real time, Google now recognizes 44 languages, whereas last year there were only 27.