WYN WALLET 2.0: $ 22 credit card-sized wallet

The new wallet, made from a sheet of carbon fiber, weighs only 11.3 grams, has a thickness of 1.3 mm and yet

able to fit all your credit cards and cash. And to secure all the goodness, it has a special elastic band.



The wallet is made in the form of an ordinary plasticcards, and for convenience it has a special cutout that helps to insert or remove cards and cash. In total, in a futuristic looking wallet you can fit 12 cards and 8 banknotes that can be removed with just one thumb.

It looks unreliable, how strong is it?

Despite the apparent fragility and fragility, WYNWALLET can even be moved by car without the risk of damaging it. Also, the wallet is not afraid of water (which can not be said about the money that can be stored in it), and the manufacturer guarantees an unlimited service life. You can buy the device now at a very affordable price of $ 22.