Xbox app now predicts how a game will play on your PC

Microsoft introduced the June update for the program Xbox on PC. The most interesting innovation

performance indicator, which is designed to show how the game will run on your PC.

Directly in the catalog Game Pass a new icon will appear below the install button. For example, before loading Sea of ​​Thieves you will be able to see that “the game is going well onsimilar PCs. Or vice versa - you will understand in advance that this new product is too heavy for your assembly, and do not waste time and traffic. If the program decides that the computer is not suitable, you will be prompted to find out the detailed system requirements.

Program Xbox compares PC configurations and draws conclusions aboutperformance based on collected data. Therefore, a new icon does not always appear: the program may lack the necessary information, especially if it first appeared in Game Pass.

In the June update, we also worked on navigation, redesigned the sidebar, added games from EA Play Yes Ubisfot Connect and made improvements to the interface regarding downloads.

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Source: Xbox News