Xbox Scarlet - the opposite of the PlayStation 5: Microsoft does not believe in VR, because players do not need it

Companies like Valve and Sony continue to believe in virtual reality (VR), but Microsoft has already lost interest

to technology, like her fans.

What is known

Stevivor journalist chatted with the bossXbox division Phil Spencer, asking about VR plans for the company. Sony and Nintendo have already taken their first steps towards virtual reality, but Microsoft is standing aside. According to Spencer, the fact is that Xbox fans are not interested in VR, just like the company itself.

“We respond to the demand of our customers, and ... no oneasks for VR. The vast majority of our customers know if they want experience in virtual reality, that is, places where you can get it, ”Spencer said.

The head of the Xbox also noted that he himself is not happyfrom virtual reality, since such games isolate the user from the outside world. Spencer, on the contrary, likes projects with shared experience. In addition, Microsoft does not see a financial perspective in VR either, since “no one sells millions and millions” of virtual reality headsets. Because the company focuses on other things.

“I think we get to this [in the end]. But yes, that’s not what we are focusing on right now, ”Spencer added.

The exact opposite of the PlayStation 5

Judging by Spencer, the Xbox Scarlet is unlikelyGet your own virtual reality helmet. In addition, Microsoft is more interested in cloud technology. At the same time, Sony will continue to develop VR technology.

If you believe Eurogamer, then in March 2019, the company sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR. The interest of gamers was enough for Sony to continue to develop technology and register a number of patents.

For example, in July, journalists came across glasses withgaze tracking technology designed for VR headsets. Together with them, Sony patented tactile-impact gloves and technology for the audience, which will create the effect of presence on a large-scale action.

The main patent can be called a full helmetvirtual reality. The document says that the conditional PS VR2 will receive two cameras on the front panel, as well as one on the back. In addition, the headset will be studded with LEDs, which will help to better track the movement of the player. Like the current PSVR version, the new version will also have a built-in microphone.

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