Xbox Scarlett is finally ready and Phil Spencer is already playing it at home

At the beginning of the week, journalists began to say that Microsoft was behind the schedule, because the PlayStation 5 was already in the hands of

developers, and Xbox Scarlett not. Apparently, this hit the head of the Xbox, Phil Spencer, and he said that the ninth-generation console is already ready.

What is known

Judging by the publication on Twitter, Spencer broughtprefix to his home, and now uses as the main gaming device. In addition, the head of the Xbox does not hesitate to go online, competing with other players. So in the next Gears 5 match, your team might end up with Phil Spencer playing on the Xbox Scarlett.

Sony and Microsoft have already blabbed thatPlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be backward compatible with games of the eighth generation of consoles. But companies are in no hurry to share details. Sony only said that such an opportunity will appear, and Microsoft plans to arrange backward compatibility not only with games, but also with peripherals. So, Spencer is already playing on the Xbox Scarlett, using the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Spencer also confirmed that the console will be released alreadyin 2020. According to him, the beginning of the third decade "will be great" for the players. Recall that Sony also plans to release the PlayStation 5 in the winter of 2020, but also did not give an exact date.

It is possible that Microsoft will release two at onceconsole According to the source, the company is preparing Scarlett Cloud, a less powerful set-top box with an emphasis on cloud gaming. At the same time, Sony plans to further advance virtual reality, given the many patents that have surfaced over the past year.

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