Xbox will no longer be the same: the president of gaming services, Mike Ibarra, has left Microsoft

Following Sony, Microsoft also lost an employee of its gaming division, releasing Mike Ibarra from the company.

What is known

Mike informed his followers about his departure on his Twitter page, where he was supported by Phill Spencer and Xbox fans.

“After 20 years at Microsoft, it’s time for menext adventure. It's been a great ride with Xbox and the future is bright for me. Thanks to everyone at TeamXbox. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and wish you all the best,” Micah wrote.

Ibarra worked for the company since the 2000s and managed tobe in the general manager's chair, working on Windows 7 and the Xbox Live service. Mike was soon put in charge of Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft's gaming division, which includes 15 third-party studios. Under Ibarra's leadership, Gears of War, Age of Empires and Sunset Overdrive were released. The latter recently fell into the hands of Sony.

Since 2017, he has worked in the role of corporateVice President of Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and Mixer streaming service. It is unknown who will now look after the directions, but Mike himself is not leaving the industry and will try to “make games better for everyone.”