Xiaomi 12S Ultra will boast a huge 1″ IMX989 sensor without a catch

Having announced the date of the announcement of the Xiaomi 12S series yesterday, the company has begun to reveal the brightest details of the new products. First on

queue turned out to be Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which is the firstin the world will offer the latest Sony IMX989 camera. It is based on a huge 1″ sensor, in comparison with which even the large IMX776 (1/1.56″) looks like a baby, but let alone the 1/1.65″ matrix of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Compared to the latter, the novelty offers a 172% increased light-sensitive area, a 32.5% higher speed with an 11% faster start-up time. At the same time, the company claims the absence of crop (using part of the sensor area), which, for example, was found in the Sony Xperia Pro-I. Recall that the announcement of Xiaomi 12S Ultra and other models of the series will take place on July 4.

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