Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter Introduced

The Chinese company Xiaomi produces not only mobile equipment, but also other useful products.The company has

A variety of products, ranging from household items to sports equipment.Today, the company officially announced its newest electric scooter, which is an upgrade to the previous generation.This scooter is called Xiaomi electric scooter 1S with a range of 30 km.

Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter

New 1S scooter can maximize25 km / h. However, if you are a driver, you should know the general recommendation of any motorized device. Try not to exceed the maximum speed limit for safety. This device also comes with a visual interactive dashboard and dual braking system.

The novelty supports three modes, including Power Saving Mode (ECO), Normal Mode (D) and Sport Mode (S).Simply press the switch button twice in a row to complete the switch from one mode to another.

In addition, Xiaomi 1S electric scooteradds a new visual interactive dashboard, which requires only one key. The scooter has an innovative folding design, which involves just three simple steps. Interestingly, the entire electric scooter weighs 12.5 kg.

Finally, note that the latest version of the scooterXiaomi also supports the Zhilian Mijia app. In the Mijia app you can access the manual for the amateur. Most importantly, you can update the firmware and check the ride status from the application.

In terms of price, the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter sells for 1999 yuan ($ 283). This device is currently available in China.