Xiaomi 70mai Jump Starter. Will start a car, charge a smartphone

Xiaomi's ecosystem of products has a 70mai sub-brand that makes high-end products for car enthusiasts! Recently

a new product was introduced - a starting device 70mai jump starter. In fact, this is a battery with a capacity of 11100mAh capable of delivering a peak current of 600A. Jump starter will start almost any engine. The manufacturer claims a smooth start of engines up to 4.0 liters. We checked the device in action and are ready to present you with a detailed review of the Xiaomi 70mai Jump Starter Midrive PS01. At the end, user reviews.

70mai jump starter

For our latitudes, the device turned out to be extremelypopular! Yes, there are quite a lot of offers on the starter market now, but Xiaomi partners just blew up the market with their offer! For a price of 2500-3000 rubles, the buyer receives a premium battery with a capacity of 11100 mAh which without any problems pulls the start of the engine up to 4 liters. In addition, he is able to charge mobile devices, there is even a very bright LED flashlight.

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If you look at Yandex.Market, then the most popular starting battery will be Fubag Drive 400 for 3,000 rubles. Moreover, its capacity is 10000 mAh, and the peak current is only 400A. Significant differences with the 70mai Jump Starter. I am silent about design and workmanship. Models of jump starters, which are more or less similar in characteristics, start at 6,000 rubles ... In general, in terms of price characteristics, the reviewed battery wins and takes first place, with no options.

Technical specifications

Midrive PS01

11 100 mAh (41.07Wh)

Input current (charge)
5 V / 2 A

Starting current

Peak current

Charging time
about 5. 5 hours

163 × 87 × 27 mm

Working temperature
from -20 ℃ to 55 ℃

Flashlight Modes
normal mode, flash mode, SOS signal

Instruction manual

  1. Connect the starter cable to the battery. Make sure the indicator on the clamps is off.
  2. Connect the clamps to the terminals of the car battery, observing the polarity (red clamp to +, black clamp to -).
  3. If the indicator on the starter is litgreen, the connection is established correctly and the battery can be turned on. If the indicator lights up red and a buzzer is heard, then the terminals are connected incorrectly, check for correctness. If the green indicator is on and a buzzer is heard, the voltage is too low (in this case, press the Boost button and wait until the indicator stops blinking green).
  4. After waiting for the green indicator, turn on the battery and start the car engine
  5. After starting, remove the terminals.

What transport is supported

Xiaomi 70mai Jump Starter is designed to work withgasoline engines up to 4.0 liters, diesel engines up to 2 liters. The manufacturer claims to work with cars, SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, motorcycles and other units equipped with an engine.

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The manufacturer promises us 40 car launcheswith an engine of 3 liters. We decided to try planting a battery for at least 1 division. As a result, as a result of testing, a total of 12 cars were launched from the first start with engines of various sizes (most 2-3 times), and only after that the charge indicator lost one division. The test was carried out at a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius.

This was enough to understand that the battery has a large supply of power, and even at -20 ℃ it will start a 3-liter engine without problems.

Types of protection

70mai Jump Starter Launcher,undoubtedly a source of increased danger. Just imagine how much power he holds in himself ... Naturally, such a device needs a decent list of different types of protection to protect the user from troubles.

  • protection against short circuit and reverse connection
  • over current protection
  • overcharge and backfill protection
  • surge protection
  • high temperature protection
  • discharge protection


Although the product is fresh, it is very popular. We collected 70mai Jump Starter reviews from various sites where the launcher is solddevice. Looking ahead, I want to note that the total user rating is 4.9 / 5. This is a very high rate. Everyone who buys a battery recommends it for purchase! We read reviews:

  • The thing is just wonderful. Fully charged the jump starter and started testing on wheelbarrows: Subaru 3.0 liter started 3 times. Audi 1.8 liter 2 times. VW 2.0 liter 1 time. Hyundai 2.0 liter 1 time. Citroen 1.6 liter 1 time. Several "basins" 5 times. As a result, 13 cars were started without a battery, and one division, one division, Carl went out on the booster! What else is there to add?
  • Vesta with a 1.6 engine and a battery disconnected device with a half kick. I advise you to purchase.
  • I liked the complete set of the device. The case, the 70mai battery itself, crocodiles and a USB Type C charging cable. The booster is very solid, the quality of performance is 5. My recommendations.
  • Today I tested the 70mai Jump Starter in the cold -5 with a completely discharged battery - I started it the first time and there was still a full charge. Quality device
  • Fully charged the battery, at the terminals 12.5V, which is close to the voltage on-board network of the car! I recommend!

Where can one buy?

You can buy a 70mai Jump Starter at a bargain price, naturally in China! Take a look at the offer of the Banggood store, there is a sale right now, the prices are pleasant!