Xiaomi added the maximum energy saving mode to MIUI: 10% of the charge is enough for 33 hours of smartphone operation

In the internal test version of MIUI 9.8.10 firmware, they found a new function that Xiaomi is preparing for its


Super Energy Saving

This is the “super energy saving” mode, which will allow the smartphone to work longer even at the last percent of the charge.

So, the mode is activated when the mark reachesto 10%. After that, the dark background automatically turns on and the background applications and systems that consume energy are turned off: GPS, data synchronization, vibration.

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The smartphone owner remains rather meagerset of functions: he will be able to scroll through the phone book, call and send a message. Without Instagram - but with the ability to keep in touch with the outside world.

The manufacturer claims that in this mode, the smartphone will be able to work for more than 33 hours!

When exactly this function will appear in MIUI is still unknown.

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