Xiaomi also promises cheap 5G smartphones with a price tag of $ 140

Only today we wrote that Honor is going to release 5G-smartphones, which will cost 280, 210 and even

140 US dollars. Now, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun made the same statement.

When and what to expect

So far, the market for devices supporting networks of the fifthgenerations are only emerging, so such smartphones are still expensive. For example, one of the cheapest representatives of the category - Honor V30 - costs from $ 470.

However, Xiaomi previously stated that in the nextall their smartphones more than 2,000 yuan ($ 285) will receive 5G support in the year. Now, Lei Jun promises that by 2021 the price tag of 5G gadgets will drop to around 1,000 yuan or about $ 140.

A complete transition to 5G technology in China, Jun predicts over the next 3-4 years. It is then that the fifth generation networks will become truly “mature”, and the devices will be massive.

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