Xiaomi also promises cheap 5G smartphones with a price tag of $ 140

Just today we wrote that Honor is going to release 5G smartphones that will cost 280, 210 and even

$140.00. Now the founder and executive director of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has made the same statement.

When and what to expect

While the market for devices with support for fifth-generation networksgeneration is just emerging, so such smartphones are still expensive. For example, one of the cheapest representatives of the category, Honor V30, costs from $470.

However, Xiaomi previously stated that in the followingThis year, all of their smartphones over 2,000 yuan ($285) will receive 5G support. Now Lei Jun promises that by 2021 the price tag for 5G gadgets will drop to 1,000 yuan, or about $140.

And Jun predicts a complete transition to 5G technology in China within the next 3-4 years. It is then that fifth generation networks will become truly “mature”, and the devices will become widespread.

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