Xiaomi Amazfit Verge2: Apple Watch 4 Budget Alternative

If you want a classic watch, then you buy a Swiss one, if you want a smartwatch, then you buy an Apple

In addition to the stylish design, high-quality materials and components, a special breakthrough for the latest series was the appearance of a system that captures the wearer's electrocardiogram (ECG).At the same time, the system is endowed with artificial intelligence, which analyzes rhythms and identifiesvarious abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation, which indicates a high risk of getting blood clots, and therefore stroke.We know that in most cases, a stroke does not go away without a trace.This feature, according to the company itself and some sources, has saved the lives of Apple Watch users more than once.

Affordable alternative

And so, for ordinary users who do not haveThe opportunity to allocate a serious amount from the budget for the miracle watch, the company Huami, which is a contract company Xiaomi, has released a watch with the same functionality. That is, they have a system for monitoring heart rhythms, ECG, support for 4G networks and much more. And this is all for a small part of the money that they ask for an apple device. The Amazfit Verge2 watch keeps the ECG results in memory for a week, you can always turn to them to analyze your condition on different days of the week and at different times of the day.

The watch also got an integrated eSIM chip,allowing without physical sims to keep in touch with all mobile operators of the Middle Kingdom. That is, it is a full-fledged smartphone in the form of a clock, which can be used as a telephone for talking, receiving calls, connecting to the Internet, and so on. In the list of skills of the watch, there is tracking using the GPS module of ten types of activity, from walking and running to football, riding and mountaineering. All data from the monitoring is transmitted to a special application that analyzes everything, builds graphs and gives recommendations.


It is not yet known whether the global version will havesupport eSIM function, which will work outside the borders of the Middle Kingdom. However, in any case, the watch will have a narrowband network anywhere in the world, allowing you to send a signal for help or an emergency. And this is without connecting the clock to another device, for example, a smartphone. Alipay payment services are available to Chinese residents.

So, Amazfit Verge2 got a quality round.1.4-inch screen, the resolution of the AMOLED-matrix is ​​454x454. As a processor, Snapdragon Wear2500 works here, onboard 512 megabytes of RAM, and an eMMC-drive for 4 gigabytes. Autonomy of the whole 28 days on a single charge is ensured by a 420 mAh battery, while the NFC module and standard wireless interfaces are involved. Of course, such watches should be waterproof and dustproof, here the protection is IP68 standard, that is, with this watch you can safely swim in the pool, because they keep a depth of one and a half meters for half an hour. Watches can be aggregated with smartphones on both iOS and Android.

The clock is already available for pre-order atChinese venues. In addition to the mass serial version, a limited edition with a special strap and other dials will also be released. For the special version will have to pay 216 dollars. The standard version costs $ 185, complete with a combined leather and silicone strap. The initial version, which is devoid of ECG tracking, will cost buyers $ 144 and be equipped with a silicone strap.

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