Xiaomi and OPPO are working on their own 5G processors for smartphones

Samsung, Huawei and Apple are already releasing processors of their own production for smartphones and other gadgets,

and it looks like a few more companies will join their ranks soon.

More 5G chips

According to reports from Taiwan, Chinesemanufacturers Xiaomi and OPPO are developing proprietary chips with 5G support. Moreover, the work, apparently, is in full swing, because, according to rumors, they should be ready by the end of this year.

It seems that the reason for this was the story withHuawei and US sanctions - after Huawei was unable to manufacture Kirin processors due to the restrictions imposed, other Chinese companies decided to start their own production.

By the way, Xiaomi already has a proprietary Surge S1 chip.But it came out in 2017 and was only available in the Xiaomi Mi 5c smartphone. Its successor has been rumored recently, but it turned out to be just the Surge C1 imaging processor that debuted in the Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone.

Unisoc, a Shanghai-based chipset company, is also working on a SoC to support fifth-generation networks.

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