Xiaomi and Samsung troll Huawei because of the flagship P30

The announcement of new smartphones is an excellent reason for competitors to “pump” their sarcasm. And the Huawei P30 presentation

and Huawei P30 Pro is no exception: Xiaomi and Samsung did not miss the opportunity to pin Huawei.

Xiaomi and memes

The Xiaomi UK division has published a meme,depicting the Huawei P30 as a car. And this is not a sports car or a Batmobile. At the fork in the car there is a choice: a new processor or a case with Swarovski stones. And (who would doubt!) P30 selects an accessory.

Thus, Xiaomi hints at last year’s Kirin 980 processor “under the hood” of the flagships and at the special version of the P30 with a case decorated with Swarovski stones.

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Next Xiaomi compares the characteristics andthe cost of its flagship Mi 9 and Huawei P30. The price tag is clearly not in favor of the latter, but when they made this table - apparently, there was no assessment of DxOMark yet, and it is a bold plus Huawei flagship. P30 Pro scored 112 points (119 for photos and 97 for video) and was recognized as the best camera phone.

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Samsung and DxOMark

But Samsung has already learned the output of DxOMark, butI started to prove that the Galaxy S10 + is still better. The school curriculum came to the rescue: if you add 109 and 96 points to the “dozens” for the main camera and the selfie camera, you get more than 112 and 89 points from the P30 Pro. Well, at least a special commercial has not been removed - apparently, they are waiting for new iPhones.

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Do you know what

Huawei P30 is not yet sold, but it can already be purchased on Aliexpress accessories:

  • screen protector
  • imitation leather case
  • tempered glass on a triple chamber module
  • reliable shockproof case
  • soft silicone case