Xiaomi announced a smart display Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8 with a camera and high-quality sound for $ 86

Xiaomi has announced its new smart display with the name Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8.

What is known


looks like its main competitors: Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show. As the name implies, the device is equipped with an 8-inch screen, but the manufacturer does not disclose its resolution. The display has an oleophobic coating.

A video camera was installed above the screen, andon the side there are buttons for adjusting the volume and mute the microphone. The device also boasts sound with DTS Sound technology. According to the company, the smart display received three subwoofers with a size of 50.8 mm and neodymium magnets.

Naturally, Xiaomi Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro8 works like a hub for smart home devices. It supports 28 product categories and 54 different IoT platforms, including Philips, Viomi, Yellight, etc. The novelty comes with a special version of the Android OS.

Price and when to wait

Smart display sales will start in China on December 18 with a price tag of $ 86. Whether the global version of the device will appear is unknown.

Do you know that

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