Xiaomi announced smart glasses Smart Glasses

Xiaomi has unveiled its first smart glasses. The novelty is called Xiaomi Smart Glasses. Unlike recently

the announced model of Ray-Ban Stories, the gadget of the Chinese manufacturer is not a commercial product. Bye.

What is known?

Externally, the novelty is ordinary glasses.weighing 51 g. But at the same time Xiaomi Smart Glasses are equipped with a quad-core processor, a battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controllers, a 5-megapixel camera and almost five hundred different sensors.

The smart glasses are equipped with two 0.13 ”MicroLED panels. According to the manufacturer, Xiaomi Smart Glasses in the future can become a replacement for smartphones.

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When paired with a smart phone, the novelty will be able todisplay only the most important notifications, and not everything in a row, like sports bracelets. We also note the ability to receive calls and translate text in real time. The glasses are equipped with speakers and built-in microphones. Xiaomi Smart Glasses received a storage drive and support voice control.

When to expect?

Xiaomi does not disclose either the cost or the release date of the commercial version of the smart glasses. But it is known that Smart Glasses will run the Android operating system.

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