Xiaomi announces $ 55 multifunctional Uleemark jacket

On the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi appeared men's travel jacket brand Uleemark. The news is so

there are many pockets that the manufacturer describes as a "travel backpack that is worn on the body."

For all occasions

The jacket is made of foil fabric,which perfectly protects from wind and rain. The carrier will be warmed by a heat-reflecting lining. Xiaomi tried to make an affordable and maximally functional product for all occasions. That is why 12 pockets are located throughout the clothing area, some of which are hidden. There are compartments for glasses, headphones, a smartphone, cards, a power bank and even a tablet. Outside, the jacket is sheathed in reflective stripes.

Uleemark can be bought in China for 399 yuan($ 55). Four U-shaped pillows under the neck and a blindfold are included, because you do not always know where to sleep when traveling. Sales start date is still unknown.

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