Xiaomi announces XiaoAI Speaker, XiaoAI Speaker Pro smart speakers and AC2100 wireless router

Xiaomi has introduced 3 new devices: the smart speaker XiaoAI Speaker, a more powerful version of XiaoAI Speaker Pro

and Wi-Fi router AC2100.

XiaoAI Speaker

The design of the column is made in the already familiarXiaomi minimalism - a white rectangular prism with a logo. At the top there are play/pause, volume controls and a microphone mute button.

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The main function of the speaker is to control elements"smart" home. According to the manufacturer, the device can control up to 5,000 different products, which it connects to via the Xiaomi Bluetooth Mesh Gateway. For example, if you connect the speaker to Mijia Bluetooth and ask for temperature and humidity, it will reproduce these indicators.

The price of XiaoAI Speaker is $38.

XiaoAI Speaker Pro

First of all, the advanced version is differentin black. The Pro also supports Xiaomi's IR remote, making it easier to control a wide variety of smart products. The price is not much higher than the XiaoAI Speaker at $42.

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Wi-Fi router Xiaomi AC2100

AC2100 is equipped with dual-core quad-threada high-speed processor with a frequency of 880 MHz, as well as 128 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory, which allows you to simultaneously connect more devices. The gadget supports IPV6 and is also designed for a smart home.

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The router has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a built-in NetEase UU accelerator that can improve gaming performance on consoles.

The cost of the device is 33 dollars.

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